Update for Summer/Fall

Well, what a wild 5 months this has been. I know we have all been impacted by everything that has happened in our world in some way. As you all know the ending to our GCYG year was not the way we had hoped but we were thankful we could still at least do something. 

Since the start of June, I've taken another MA course, preached a couple of times at our church, had a couple of weeks of vacation, and during the whole time been thinking about the future of GCYG. 

When I started this job in September 2011 I told the church I would give a minimum of 10 years, this September will be the start of my 10th year here and thus far I see no reason that I won't still be sticking around for more to come. 

As we enter into the fall we will be forced into change, and change is something that all humans resist. My hope and prayer for all of us is that we could see great things happening in our youth ministry even when we are uncomfortable with change and that you would extend lots of patience and grace for myself and our team as we navigate this. 

I have had the opportunity to have a couple of months of thinking, processing, and discussing with a lot of people about what we could/should do as we get closer to September. 

So I wanted to let you all know now what to expect this coming September. 

We will be breaking our youth group into three groups. This will allow us to more easily meet within our youth room and still maintain the social distancing regulations and keep under 50 people. In the coming weeks, I will be spacing the room out to see exactly how many people can fit within our youth room while maintaining regulations. 

Our youth group will now be Jr. High Grade 8-9, Sr. High 10-11, and Young Adult Grade 12-Age 25. Grade 12's can choose to either go to the Sr. High or Young Adult or even both if there is room. 

Each group will likely meet at different times throughout the week, stay tuned for those dates. 

Each group will still have games, food, and Bible study. More focus will now be given to discipleship and Bible study within these groups. 

Please keep an eye on our website for updates on this and please now more than ever register for events on our website so I am aware of numbers and who is attending. 

Please also look for upcoming summer events which will be announced soon! 

Again thank you for your patience and grace as we strive to meet the vision and mission of GCYG! 

-Ben Jepsen

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