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I have been having questions from parents and students surrounding when our youth group will be able to meet up again in person in our youth room.

I want to be very clear that I am not a political leader, health care worker, or scientist but I want you to all know that in my own opinion there is no way we will be meeting up again in April or May. Our youth year typically goes until the end of May and therefore I would be confident in saying that our typical youth year is over.

That being said we are continuing to have youth nights every Friday at 7 pm over Zoom. If you are holding off on Zoom because you think we will be meeting again soon let me assure that we won't be. I strongly encourage all students to get access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer that can run Zoom so you can join us for youth events! If you need help with this please let me know and we can help financially or otherwise to get the technology to you. If the internet is a problem one solution could be parking outside the Gospel Chapel and accessing the internet there for our events.

This, of course, is not ideal at all, but we are making the best lemonade we can with the lemons we have. How blessed are we that we even have this option at all!? Amazing! This will eventually be over but we really have no idea when so, for now, let's do what we can. I am very much looking forward to having a youth event again in our youth room together. Until that time I look forward to connecting with you over zoom and social media.


Fridays at 7 pm are our youth events. Invite your friends even if they don't live in GF they can join us! So cool!

April 6 kicks off our Bible reading plan together. Download the Bible Project App and follow the daily readings with us. If you don't have access to the app let me know and I can get you the plan.

We have started a GCYG Google Hangout for students, send me your Gmail and you can join us!

Stay posted to our website for future updates.

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