Discord is Live

Hi everyone. 

Again I apologize for the changes, I was never trained for some of this and the learning curve has been steep. I want to let you know that I am committed to still doing youth ministry for as long as this pandemic continues and it may very well be for some time now. 

As we go more stability and structure will build but in many ways, I am working from the ground up! 

What should be consistent is youth group nights every Friday at 7pm over zoom. If you do not have the technology for Zoom please let us know so we can purchase equipment for you. 

We have now started a Discord Server for students, leaders, and alumni this will be the main hub of messaging and discussions so we can check in with students. We hope as many students as possible will use this system. Here is the link

I will continue emailing here especially for parents. Our Facebook, Instagram, and website will also all be up to date as well. 

Thank you for your grace and patience. 

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