How you can donate and help OUR group

As a non-profit GCYG relies on the support of others. Since 1978 we have had so many generous people help our youth ministry run! If you want to contribute read below how you can help! 

ways you can donate:

We are constantly looking to improve our youth room and add exciting new things for students to enjoy. Our desire is to have one of the greatest spaces for students to hang out in. This, of course, takes money and donations of items. If you are able to give financially you can send money designated to Gospel Chapel with the memo Youth and we will use the money to further our program. If you are able to donate specific items we are looking for that would be amazing too! Thank you for your support.

Items we are looking for

1. Vacuum

We often need a vacuum handy for quick clean-ups in our room.

2. Music Stands

We currently borrow from the church, it would be great to have 3 nice music stands for our musicians. 

3. Nintendo Switch gear

We have a Nintendo Switch that the students use all the time. We are looking to get a few more controllers and games for it.

4. Ping Pong Gear

We need to upgrade our net and paddles! 

5. Pool cues

Many of our pool cues have been damaged and we need to get new ones.

6. Board games

We love board games at GCYG help us grow our collection!